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30+ Years of Experience

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Friendly Patient Care

Veteran Owned & Operated

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What Patients are Saying

“I was six years old when my left leg was amputated, and I have had many legs made for me. My Rheo leg keeps me active. I enjoy yoga, Zumba, and bike riding. However, none of the places I have been to about my leg have been as accommodating as OrthoCare.

When you walk through the door, you can feel OrthoCare really does care about you!”

Pat Long

Patient Testimony

“I moved to Florida about three years ago, and one of my concerns was finding a prosthetic company as knowledgeable and friendly as my old company in Pennsylvania. OrthoCare is all that. My old prosthesis was about ten years old, and it was time for a new leg. OrthoCare keeps me mobile and pain-free with precision adjustments and the latest components.

Thanks, OrthoCare! I’m lucky to find you guys!”

Fred Painter

Patient Testimony

“Sean at OrthoCare has never tried to tell me why I can’t do what I want…he just figures out how to make it possible!  My left BK will never be something I let slow me down.  Snowboarding, motorcycling, beekeeping, scuba diving, kayaking, and any other adventure that comes along!  He is creative and willing to search for technological and design answers to meet every challenge I throw his way.
Thank you!”
Angie Washo

Patient Testimony